How to Open a Maid Service

How to Open a Maid Service

To begin this discussion of how to open a maid service; a quick overview of the industry’s current customs in referring to this type of service is necessary. Historically, in wealthy and even upper middle class homes, there would usually be one to three different types of maids employed. But in today’s culture a maid can and usually does mean a person who cleans a home(s). There are many, many categories and subcategories that could fall under a maid service. This is important because the road divides here. It appears that as far as domestic services go, the industry has divided domestic services in general with all the other categories specializing in a specific aspect of the industry. This article is not about domestic service agencies, it’s about maid/cleaning services and how to open a business. If you prefer another word for maid or cleaning, they’re available.

This section will be direct, to the point, step by step instructions. Determine your customer base and need. Choose the cleaning service that is lacking in your community. For instance will you specialize in windows, inside the home, carpets, commercial, and/or residential?

Once you’ve determined the service, name the business. Choose a name that describes the service offered. The reward for following that advice will come when advertising online and choosing keywords. Register the business and obtain a business license.

Continuing on, the assumption is; the business will be a sole proprietorship. This will save a lot of grief and profit, but will also cause some difficulties in staffing challenges. Sole proprietorships are; less expensive, less difficult legally, and belong to one owner. Sharing ownership brings in a whole other variable. This is directly connected to your profit percentage. However, operating a sole proprietorship means that if you get sick there is no one to provide services. This is something to take consideration as your business grows. Even though a partnership is more complicated, it may be necessary for expansion of the business.

Create your business plan. There are companies that will create a plan for your or you can do it yourself. There is affordable software that will take you step by step through the process of setting up your business and the business bookkeeping system. Many even provide analysis of your income and expenditures and create reports. These reports can be used to make important business decisions. In developing the business plan you will need to determine the cost per hour that is currently charged by your local competitors.

Purchase the cleaning equipment that will be necessary to perform your tasks including some sort of supply cart.

Advertise your services. On a low budget, purchase flyers, make business cards, use your social network and family. Use a common technique that impresses any potential employer; offer to provide some work for free to show them your quality standard. If you are successful you have just broken into a whole new client base that will happen by word of mouth. Everyday devote time to finding new clients. If you do this every single day, you will soon have your schedule filled.

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